Handmade Wality/Airmail 69EB Fountain Pen: Pen Anatomy, Details & Where to buy,

  • Manufacturer: Airmail Pen Company.
  • Origin: Mumbai, India.
  • Availability : In India local shops in certain City & World Wide via different websites.
  • Body: Plastic (Comes in different mixed and single colors)
  • Cap: Made Of Plastic

  • Nib: Golden color fine Nib.
  • Nib Grade : Iridium Nib
  • Pocket Clip: Beautifully crafted steel and looks wounderful in your hand (both steel & golden color)
  • Type of Pen: Full Sized Fine Nib Pen.
  • Mechanism: Twist Cap.
  • Ink Refill System: Eyedropper pens get their name from the way you fill the pen with ink - with an eyedropper. Use of syringe is better for refilling. 
  • Converter: Not added. 
  • How much can we write by single filling: 9-10 Pages in standard Legal sized Papers.
  • Color Availability:  
To buy this pen click on the bellow pen colors as per your choice.

  • Specialty: 
    • Made in India & handmade. 
    • Costs in between 450-550 rupees.
    • looks wonderful in hand.
    • Nib is super smooth.
    • Best of the beginners.
    • Looks vintage in all colors. 
  • Grip: Grip is adequate for all size lovers. it sets in the hand well.
  • Weight:  Lightweight pen with 19 grams weight only . 
  • Durability: I am using 2 pens  of this category since 1 years and I have no issues yet. 
  • Still seems new and hope will last many more years.
  • Issues: I didn't find any issue in writing. If you are not using it for a long time then keep it dry. 
  • Verdict: One Best fountain pen in India in between 450-550 rupees category and definitely great in writing. If you want a pen for regular use then it can be great writing instruement. 
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picture credits amazon.in.

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