Best Ballpoint pens of 2020 for students for use in examinations.

The main aim in student life is to learn the best things and to achieve the targets but we never think about the main thing that plays the key role in this aspect. As because you are in PENATOMY so we can definitely understand that I want to mean ? Yes that's your pen who plays a major role in your success and helps in achieving many feats.
Lets start with our prime issues during exams such as:
1. Slow writing
2. Irregular ink flow
3. Pain in fingers
4. Overflow of inks.
5. Unable to finishing in time due to harshness of nibs in the starting of writing.
6. Most of us no  fixed choice for writing during exams
7. Lack of coordination with good handwriting & time.
So lets find the solutions. We need to shift in such pens that can sole this issues during exams. So here I will tell you about such 5 pens that can help you and can solve this issues. 

BIC Cristal Xtra Smooth Ballpoint Pen

  • 35% smoother than  traditional ballpoint ink.
  • Featuring Eady-Glide System ink for ultra-smooth writing
  • Roll-proof hexagon-shaped barrel, which the best shape to hold any ballpoint during exams.
  • Clear barrel for visible ink supply and you can stock the required amount you may needed.
  • This pen comes equipped with a versatile 1.0mm medium point that creates striking, highly visible lines.

  • Non-refillable

Pentonic Ball Pen (0.7 mm) Ballpoint Pen:

  • Easy flow Ink Technology and having harshness in the beginning.
  • Round barrel shaped body and easy to hold (Not for those who hates round shape)
  • It's having sleek matte finish, & featherlight feel.
  • It provides a smooth flow of words alongside an appealing presentation of sentences and paragraphs on paper

5. Available Ink Color
  • RED
  • PINK
  • BLUE
  • Closed non-transparent black colored barrel for which ink level is not visible. 
  • Medium line width (0.35mm) and extremely eye catchy lines.
  • Regulated ink flow to avoid blobbing and scratching.
  • Clear and visible ink flow. Light in weight and fits perfect in hand.
  • Very much good feedbacks from all users and having one of the best rated pen for students.
  • Few people may find it difficult to hold if having issues of excessive sweating. 
  • 0.6 gl ball point, smooth ink flow system for uninterrupted writing.
  • Non- fading & vibrant eye catchy colors.
  • Easy to hold for long time.
  • One of the best rated pen in the marked as per customer feedback. 
If you are searching pens for your child then you must have used this during your college days...!! I also passed lots of time while using this pen during my school days. A perfect choice for exams and one of the oldest & legendary ballpoint in this category.
  • Well balanced and perfect fit for all hands.
  • Grip is not that much perfect or rubberized but still you can hold it for long and log time. 
  • It is light  and well constructed and one of the best choice for all students for regular use.
  • Neck is transparent and gives perfect view of ink load.

  • Ink is buttery and smooth with prefect lines and eye catchy color.
  • Ask any person who is in between 30-50 in age and you will get a mind blowing feedback of this pen. 
  • Sometimes ink flow used to stop in between the half of the refill (Problem that I faced during my school days).  
I think all these will solve your issues during exams and always remember 5 points in live like mantra for exams.
  1. Love your pen, it is the weapon by which you are going to win the war.
  2. You should have 4/5 pics of same pen during exam.
  3. Pen should be familiar to you even before from exams, Which means you should use those pens which you use regularly in exams.
  4. All pens should be used earlier for writing few lines or one page.
  5. Make a choice of two or three pens for regular use. Using pen as per availability is the most worst habit and it will definitely harm you in exams. 


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  1. please tell best Indian ballpoint pens of Indian company and found in local market also